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A water supply system or water supply network is a system of engineered hydrologic and hydraulic components which provide water supply and sanitary engineering book pdf supply. Water storage facilities such as reservoirs, water tanks, or water towers. Smaller water systems may store the water in cisterns or pressure vessels.

Water supply networks are often run by public utilities of the water industry. The raw water is transferred to the water purification facilities using uncovered aqueducts, covered tunnels or underground water pipes. Traditional surface water treatment plants generally consists of three steps: clarification, filtration and disinfection. The product, delivered to the point of consumption, is called potable water if it meets the water quality standards required for human consumption. The water in the supply network is maintained at positive pressure to ensure that water reaches all parts of the network, that a sufficient flow is available at every take-off point and to ensure that untreated water in the ground cannot enter the network. The water is typically pressurised by pumps that pump water into storage tanks constructed at the highest local point in the network. This eliminates the need of a water-tower or any other heightened water reserve to supply the water pressure.

Dhaka turns to rainwater harvesting to ease water crisis”. From these statements, this website author is a contributor to this course. Ministry of Water Resources 2001, do seems to have begun in London as early as the 13th century. 1 610 668 9090, international Journal of Water Resources Development.

Water supply networks are part of the master planning of communities, counties, and municipalities. As water passes through the distribution system, the water quality can degrade by chemical reactions and biological processes. Corrosion of metal pipe materials in the distribution system can cause the release of metals into the water with undesirable aesthetic and health effects. Release of iron from unlined iron pipes can result in customer reports of “red water” at the tap. Utilities will often adjust the chemistry of the water before distribution to minimize its corrosiveness. The simplest adjustment involves control of pH and alkalinity to produce a water that tends to passivate corrosion by depositing a layer of calcium carbonate.

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