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You need to login to do this. Valedictorians of the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy. They are the shadow-bots Delta and Gamma — my personal vanguard. When the enemies are too easily warriors a vision of shadows 3 shattered sky pdf down by the heroes and there is a need to increase the challenge, the easiest way to is to upgrade the Mooks into Elite Mooks.

They may come with better weapons, additional skills, or various powers the normal Mooks do not possess. Any variety of Mooks can be upgraded to become an Elite Mook, which can yield a Boss in Mook Clothing or Super Powered Mooks. Attack on Titan: Among the regular titans are “Abnormal Titans”, who display radically different and often much smarter behavior. Griffith’s Apostle army in Berserk, whose leaders serve as Mook Lieutenants. The Kushan Emperor Ganishka sends in the Daka, monstrous soldiers created through forbidden sorcery, to fight Griffith’s Hawks after his human Mooks are quickly dispatched. Balalaika’s personal bodyguard and inner circle made up of former USSR paratroopers who fought under her in Afghanistan.

Harribel’s Fraccion fit this trope best of all. They’re by FAR the most effective of ANY Fraccion shown. The Stern Ritter are the elite fighting force of the Vandenreich, and their effectiveness against the rank-and-file Shinigami is shown in spades in the first invasion, and prominently in the second invasion. As it stands, the only true defeats inflicted upon the Stern Ritter have been by Zaraki, who is one of the Special War Potentials, Yamamoto, and Renji, Rukia and Byakuya after their Royal Guard training. Gray-Man have levels, so that every time the exorcists get strong enough to Red Shirt-ify the current strongest akuma, they can just introduce a new strongest type. Compared to the average Chronos foot soldiers, the Chronos aligned Zoanoids could count as this trope as they are usually much more than a match for any normal human task force.

Fairy Tail has Yomazu and Kowazu. The dark guild, Grimoire Heart, is lead by Hades with seven established lesser bosses who oversee the many Mook soldiers associated with Grimoire Heart. Yomazu and Kowazu however, are in between. The giant mecha in the festival arc of Mahou Sensei Negima! Though a staple of the universe as a whole, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing begins with the unpopular and beleaguered United Earth Sphere Alliance and its massive military.