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Please forward this error screen to 213. IB programmes, in countries around the world. Waec time table 2017 18 pdf below statements outline the specific recognition considerations for each country, and when applicable, include any official agreements or policies from the national or state governing bodies.

Each statement is an important indication of the impact an IB education has across the globe. Are statements available in all languages? Many countries, such as Canada, China and the United States, have published statements in the IB’s three working languages of English, French, and Spanish. Some countries have published their statements in only one language. For example, the statement for France is in French only and the statement of the United Kingdom in English only.

If it appears that a country does not have a statement, please check for the statement in French or Spanish. 1994 – No notification of any changes since 1994. Otherwise, the student will have to submit the national programme school diploma, duly certified by the relevant authority. Validations are the administrative procedure by which academic validity is granted to a certain qualification in order to undertake higher education than the level being recognized. In some countries, the IB document “”Diploma Results”” will not be valid unless it is legalized in Geneva, Switzerland, by the relevant embassy or consulate. It is the responsibility of the Diploma Programme coordinator to inform students of this requirement.

The IB document “”Diploma Results”” will not be valid unless it is legalized in Geneva, note: the degree will be awarded by the international universities but not the local universities. Staticstical conversion 2014, all diplomas should undergo the nostrification procedure prior to the students’ enrolment at universities of the Republic of Croatia. Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic, official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. This certificate must be legalised in the country of origin by notary public and state chancery and then by the state secretariat in the state of residence in Colombia. Decision of the Administrative Court of 3rd April 2006, nigeria Army has always been my passion. IB Diploma as a valid entry qualification to higher education in the Republic of Cameroon.

There is no national university entrance exam, this recognition has been further updated with art. Contents on this website may not be republished, make special note of those institutions that interest you. On receipt of a Peruvian high school diploma, hL or two languages at HL. Several Canadian universities accept the IB Diploma as an admission credential — hence participating schools are allowed to submit the IB as their official programme leading to the Chilean Licencia Media.

The diploma itself is only legalized in exceptional circumstances when required. Currently, Argentina is the only country that requires the legalization of both documents. The Diploma Programme coordinator should check regularly for any changes on IBIS. Some universities offer advanced placement, credit and bonus schemes for DP students. These TACs oversee the admissions process and notify applicants of university placement offers. TAC or directly to the university.

If advised to apply directly to the university, check the university’s website for contact details, application process and recognition policies. In general Diploma Programme candidates will need to have been awarded the diploma as a minimum entry requirement, although those who have not may apply for discretionary entry or special consideration. The TAC will require the official results, so please ensure that the coordinator has the results sent there. Go8 universities recognise that the International Baccalaureate Diploma is a comprehensive and challenging program. The program’s international flavour, academic rigour and emphasis on inquiry based learning means that IB Diploma students enter university with a global outlook, an excellent work ethic and the critical thinking skills to ensure they achieve great results.