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A little Aborigene girl is brought into a white Australian house. S LV1 Liban 2009 Extract from Rabbit-proof Fence by Doris Pilkington. Young Aborigines runaways are welcomed by a seemingly nice woman. L LV1 Polynésie 2005 -extract from Joyce Carol Oates, Wild Saturday 1984.

S ES LV1 Liban – hors session 2004 extract from Blood Lines, Ruth Rendell-A housekeeper explores the private lives of her employers. STG Pondichéry 2007 extract from Jigs and Reels, Joanne Harris. STG 2005 Extract from Mary Higgins CLark ‘s ” Second Time Around”. L S LV2 métropole 2008 extract from J. A black mother explains to her son that he shouldn’t shine shoes at the age of eight. STG LV1 Métropole Septembre 2004 Extract from When we were colored, Clifton L.