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We appreciate your patience while we complete this maintenance. Twitter for product support, useful tips, downtime information, and more. In third grade we get to liven up our bar chart lessons by taking advantage of our students’ new familiarity with multiplication and division. By the end of third grade, the Common Core recommends that students know from memory all products of two one digit numbers. Objective In this 3rd grade bar chart lesson, students will learn to analyze and understand data presented on a scaled bar chart.

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They will learn how to do both simple and multi-step comparing problems using the bar chart. Procedure Start this lesson with a bit of storytelling. Once upon a time, far away, in the wild open steppe land of Mongolia, two children lived with their old grandfather and grandmother in a little round tent made of felt. That, and the camels, yaks, sheep and horses which made up the family wealth. It was Temuujin’s job to take the horses and yaks to pasture every morning, and Zolzaya, his little sister, took the sheep and goats to the green grass on the other side of the hill.