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The information on these pages is provided in good faith and should be trigger point therapy pdf as such. If you make use of the information, please acknowledge its source. AT IS THEREFORE MORE UP TO DATE THAN THE INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE.

I WILL UPDATE THE INFORMATION HERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This is due to the impedance of the skin being inversely proportional to the frequency of the stimulation. It is unlikely to do nothing at all, but in terms of current practice, little is known of its physiological effects. It is not capable of direct stimulation of nerve in the common context of such stimulation, though some researchers are currently investigating this area. The exact frequency of the resultant beat frequency can be controlled by the input frequencies. If for example, one current was at 4000Hz and its companion current at 3900Hz, the resultant beat frequency would be at 100Hz, carried on a medium frequency 3950Hz amplitude modulated current.

By careful manipulation of the input currents it is possible to achieve any beat frequency that you might wish to use clinically. Modern machines usually offer frequencies of 1-150Hz, though some offer a choice of up to 250Hz or more. To a greater extent, the therapist does not have to concern themselves with the input frequencies, but simply with the appropriate beat frequency which is selected directly from the machine. It is difficult to show categorically that this is the case in the tissues but it is reasonable to suggest that the resultant current will be stronger than either of the 2 input currents.

The use of 2 pole IFT stimulation is made possible by electronic manipulation of the currents – the interference occurs within the machine instead of in the tissues. There is no known physiological difference between the effects of IFT produced with 2 or 4 electrode systems. Whichever way it is generated, the treatment effect is generated from low frequency stimulation, primarily involving the peripheral nerves. There may indeed be significant effect on tissue other than nerves, but they have not as yet been unequivocally demonstrated. The principle of using the sweep is that the machine is set to automatically vary the effective stimulation frequency using either pre-set or user set sweep ranges.

Knowing which was round your machine works is critical to effective treatment. The pattern of the sweep makes a significant difference to the stimulation received by the patient. One will deliver a full range of stimulation frequencies between the set frequency levels and the other will switch from one frequency to the other. The others are perfectly safe to use, but whether they are clinically effective or not remains to be shown.

The most likely option for IFT use as a means to increase local blood flow remains via the muscle stimulation mode; correlated with reduced blood pressure and a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease. Biotic and anti, the specific treatment application of an ache, therefore men must consume food with raw Zinc to make more Zinc Alpha 2 Glycoprotein. Bowel and sexual activity. Data from heterosexual couples, no symptoms occurred when barrier contraception was used.