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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Enrollment and marketing outcomes share a symbiotic relationship. Tom peters thriving on chaos pdf the practice of each in higher education can be quite disjointed and even dysfunctional.

Rarely is there organizational alignment, integrated planning, coordinated and synergistic implementation, or effective evaluation of related strategies between enrollment management and institutional marketing departments. The natural consequences of this condition are a blurred institutional image, under-realized enrollment opportunities, duplication of effort, inefficient use of scarce resources, internal confusion, and an external perception that the college or university is poorly managed. Any institution yoked with such consequences can never fully optimize enrollment or marketing potential. The conditions that dilute our brand and our capacity to recruit and retain students must be addressed. Put simply, the critical nexus between enrollment management and marketing must be honed to yield a finely tuned, high performing enterprise. Throughout this series of white papers, we will explore the elements of each as well as related strategies. If your school is struggling to shape its image or maximize enrollment opportunities, Part I of this series offers valuable insights that can be adapted to any institutional type as well as to any enrollment or marketing environment.

While much of what follows is intuitive, some of the ideas presented here will challenge preconceived notions and common practice. The purpose of institutional branding is to shift from an unknown, indistinct, or undesirable brand to a compelling, positive brand affinity. Effective institutional branding can never be totally introspective. Admittedly, your brand must align with the institution’s mission, vision, and values. Brand claims must mirror brand experiences. All that said, a brand that does not align with constituent needs simply will not matter.

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