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This article is about communications in India. For a more general coverage of media in Telecommunication industry in malaysia pdf, see Media of India.

This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Share of World Internet Users 13. 206 billion subscribers as on 30 September 2017. It has one of the lowest call tariffs in the world enabled by mega telecom operators and hyper-competition among them. Indian telecom industry underwent a high pace of market liberalisation and growth since the 1990s and now has become the world’s most competitive and one of the fastest growing telecom markets. Telecommunication has supported the socioeconomic development of India and has played a significant role to narrow down the rural-urban digital divide to some extent.

It also has helped to increase the transparency of governance with the introduction of e-governance in India. According to London-based telecom trade body GSMA, the telecom sector accounted for 6. 2 million people in the country. 3 million direct jobs and 2 million indirect jobs by 2020. Telecommunications in India began with the introduction of the telegraph. The Indian postal and telecom sectors are one of the worlds oldest.

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