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Spell would see three redesigns as well. Spell would mark the last release speak german in 90 days pdf the series. 9 countries with seven language variations. Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish markets.

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Spell, the entire library of cartridges from the original release were available to the 1980 release. Spell Compact sales were very poor in the United States, causing TI to send much of its excess stock abroad. UK Marketing Manager Martin Finn had the product retitled for the UK, and all existing units were recolored blue and repackaged. The change was even more minute, however, representing nothing more substantial than a redesign of the faceplate graphics. Spell was released in 1989 with a number of major changes.

The display screen was changed to an LCD screen instead of the former VFD screen. Spells and the cartridge slot was similarly altered to prevent backward compatibility. This version re-adopted the handle-on-top look of the previous models and resumed use of the original cartridges. Spell was made for the Spanish market only. 128 Kbit metal gate PMOS ROMs. 128 Kbit was at the time the largest capacity ROM in use.

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