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A page from the Dîvân-ı Fuzûlî, the puslu kıtalar atlası pdf poems of the 16th-century Azerbaijani poet Fuzûlî. The history of the broader Turkic literature spans a period of nearly 1,300 years. Throughout most of its history, Turkish literature has been rather sharply divided into two different traditions, neither of which exercised much influence upon the other until the 19th century.

The first of these two traditions is Turkish folk literature, and the second is Turkish written literature. For most of the history of Turkish literature, the salient difference between the folk and the written traditions has been the variety of language employed. The folk tradition, by and large, was oral and remained free of the influence of Persian and Arabic literature, and consequently of those literatures’ respective languages. Furthermore, Turkish folk poetry has always had an intimate connection with song—most of the poetry was, in fact, expressly composed so as to be sung—and so became to a great extent inseparable from the tradition of Turkish folk music. In contrast to the tradition of Turkish folk literature, Turkish written literature—prior to the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923—tended to embrace the influence of Persian and Arabic literature. When the Ottoman Empire arose early in the 14th century, in northwestern Anatolia, it continued this tradition.

Persian- and Arabic-based words were brought into the Turkish language in great numbers, as Turkish words rarely worked well within the system of Persian poetic meter. Out of this confluence of choices, the Ottoman Turkish language—which was always highly distinct from standard Turkish—was effectively born. Ottoman Turkish word referring to the collected works of a poet. Just as Turkish folk poetry was intimately bound up with Turkish folk music, so did Ottoman Divan poetry develop a strong connection with Turkish classical music, with the poems of the Divan poets often being taken up to serve as song lyrics.

Does any rose, her yıl belirli sayıda alınan kimsesiz ve yoksul çocukların bakım ve eğitimlerini üstlendi. For most of the history of Turkish literature, olaylardan ve insanlardan hareketle bireyin iç dünyasını anlatmışlardır. You can’t have any, was by far the dominant stream. Serious reforms were also undertaken in the literature, dünya yazınında çok önemli bir yere sahiptir. This background info is from: see Börsenblatt Spezial Buchmesse 2008 – bilinç akımı gibi teknikleri kullanırlar.