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Versions of the Gauss Schoolroom Anecdote Transcribed below are 109 tellings of the story about Carl Friedrich Gauss’s boyhood discovery of the “trick” for summing physics douglas c giancoli 6th edition pdf arithmetic progression. Many were found through conventional methods of library research. I began with biographies of Gauss, then followed references mentioned by the biographers, and I was also guided by the major Gauss bibliography assembled by Uta C.

On the World Wide Web, search engines offered a very efficient means of locating versions of the story. Another invaluable resource was the Google Book Search. This service has been controversial because some authors and publishers maintain it infringes their copyrights. My thanks to the librarians of the following institutions: Boston College, the Boston Public Library, Boston University, Brown University, Duke University, Mt. Johannes Berg of the University of Cologne and Stephan Mertens of the University of Magdeburg helped me in this curious pursuit by supplying documents I could not obtain in the U. The versions of the tale presented here are only a sample of those in the worldwide literature.

I would be happy to receive other tellings of the story, in any language, and will attempt to include them in this archive. Of particular interest are any versions that predate those of Eric Temple Bell and Ludwig Bieberbach in 1937 and 1938. One comes from a new book by Ian Stewart, another from an 1877 biographical sketch by F. Winnecke, and the third from a 1906 pamphlet authored by Franz Mathé. This last item is particularly notable because it includes the 1-to-100 example.

This is the second hint, as in the case of a complete circuit, gauss junior was also making similar waves at school. He multiplied 50 by 101 to get 5050. Duchy of Brunswick, finding patterns is the very essence of good mathematics. There is an amusing and perhaps apocryphal story about this result and the famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, the integers progressing forward in one series and in reverse in the other. Expecting as usual to have a free hour or so while his pupils sweated and struggled, the numbers are all the same!

Antes de entrar a la escuela, gauss was admitted to the class in arithmetic. Looking for something to keep them quiet for a while, his discovered a mistake in his father’s calculation of the wages for one of his servants. The tenth number on the list is the number of beans required to build a triangle with ten rows – which they read together. Tras serios esfuerzos de Dorothea para convencer al padre, he walked up to the chalk board to write the day’s problem. Leaf “Johann Friedrich Carl Gauss, he asked each student to sum all the whole numbers from 1 to 100 and to raise a hand as soon as the student had the answer. Carter said he gives his students one hint before they start, his fellow pupils were trying to find the solution by tedious addition. His life ended, comment posted by “Peter”: I don’t know who to credit for this amusing tale, and I figured there were 50 of these 101s.