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Excellent products for your IT Fujitsu offers a full range of highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Three years later, Duchamp tried this experiment again, now using a turntable of a record player. The revolving disks produced a three-dimensional effect. This time he just filmed rotating disks, alternating ten ‘Optical Disks’, based optical distribution frame pdf the earlier ‘Disks Bearing Spirals’.

Nine of these disks were inscribed by puns, white letters pasted on black cardboard disks. Bart Testa: “Anemic Cinema alternates shots of moving spirals and shots of texts mounted on disks in slight relief. The texts, which we read from the outside inwards, involve complex word play that may, on certain if always instable readings, suggest to us a set of erotic scenarios. On one, let’s call it a material level, Duchamp’s film lives up to its name: it minimizes the element of silent films: words, then images. The language of Anemic Cinema, provided we catch on to it, provokes us to conjure the space of a diegetic world that it refuses to show.

What it does show, between its spiraling puns, is the pulsation of those intervening spiraling abstract forms. To return, for a second, to ‘Un chien Andalou’, it is a film of superabundant mimesis, showing one mad event after another. Seven minute film, made in collaboration with Man Ray and Marc Allégret. Ten ‘Optical Disks’ alternate with nine ‘Disks Inscribed with Puns’ Printed on the last frame of film: “Copyrighted by Rrose Sélavy , fingerprint and date: 1926.

Brooklyn NY : New York Film Annex 1998. Unseen Cinema – Early American Avant Garde Film 1894-1941. A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library . Inconsistency, Anemic Cinema, and the Rotoreliefs’, in tout-fait. Cinema as readymade’, in Rudolf E. Marcel Duchamp’s Anémic cinéma’, in: Studio International Vol.