One hundred years of solitude chapter 1 pdf

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Way to the Rest and Kingdom of God. A paperback copy of the original book by William Penn is one hundred years of solitude chapter 1 pdf from Amazon. The original PDF is also available for downloading on this site. No Cross No Crown by William Penn.

Pennsylvania and West Jersey, was an English gentleman commoner. He was a highly educated intellectual of his age, who spoke five plus languages. In settlement of the King’s debts to his father, he was granted by the King huge territories in the new world, what is now Pennsylvania and western New Jersey. He wished to name his new colony New Wales, but the King’s Council insisted it be named Pennsylvania, despite his pleas. In Williams’s twenty-fourth year he became a Quaker minister, and through a long life, faithfully served his Lord and Master.

Penn chose perhaps the most difficult course possible for a Christian man: a Christian and ruler of government. The fewer decisions, the simpler one’s life, the easier it is to remain faithful to your God’s requirements. With courage that I cannot imagine, Penn plowed through decisions, negotiations, administration, and government of a region the size of England – with faith in his God and actions that remained true to Christian principles. In France and on the continent of Europe the great men and writers seized upon The Holy Experiment of Pennsylvania as the most remarkable occurrence of the age.

To these men, brought up under Roman version of Christianity and accustomed to the atrocities and horrors inflicted by Cortez and Pizarro on the natives of South America, the thought of a Christian keeping his promise inviolate for forty years with heathen Indians was idealism realized. He had the accomplishments of a Caesar, but with the kindness and meekness of the greatest servant to ever live, his Lord Jesus Christ. Truly, he was of a Christian nobility that we many never again see in history. Christ and imprisoned him for heresy. The deceits of three hundred years ago, as described by Penn in the book, are even greater today.

The temptations and distractions of the world have increased exponentially — making his warnings, pleas, and advice within this writing even more important today. Heaven, as old as the world. If, Reader, you are such a person, my counsel to you is to retire to within yourself and take a view of the condition of your soul, for Christ has given you light with which to do it. Come, Reader, listen to me awhile. I seek your salvation, that is my plot, you will forgive me. A Refiner has come near you, his grace has appeared to you.

It shows you the world’s lusts, and teaches you to deny them. False teachers promise liberty to continue in sin, but Jesus said, “Truly, Truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The wages of sin is death. Not only has Christianity made grace a license for immorality, but Christianity has caused their believers’ consciences to be seared as with a hot iron, leaving them indifferent to sin and evil. Christ’s Cross is Christ’s way to Christ’s Crown. So desire, so pray, Friendly Reader.

Christians miserably deceives and disappoints themselves in their Christianity and their own salvation. It is a mournful reflection, but an undeniable truth, that these worldly lusts fill up the study, care, and conduct of wretched Christendom! And, to make matters worse, they have grown with time. For as the world grows older, it grows worse. Christians of today to be a greater burden on Christ than the Jews, .

Jews, who resisted the grace that then appeared in and by Christ. Sin is of one nature the world over. They have but one father, the devil, as Christ said to the professing Jews, the visible church of that age. The Jewish religious leaders did the devil’s work, and therefore were the devil’s children.

Was Judas ever the better Christian for crying, “Hail, Master,” and kissing Christ? Jews could identify Him and arrest Him. If a Christian is asked, “Is Christ your Lord? He is my Lord and Savior.