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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Please forward this error screen to objective proficiency 2nd edition pdf. No Child Left Behind legislation had an impact on the professional development that educators might need.

107th Congress, 2002, section 1119, 115 STAT. Whether you are seeking to become a better reflective practitioner of your mathematics teaching, or desire to enhance your credentials in mathematics, teaching methodology, and technology integration, this page should help you. The Introductory Essay is about keeping up-to-date, tools to help you plan a program that is right for you and your school district, and the nature of best professional development programs. Information about Teacher Quality and Teacher Effectiveness.

CT4ME’s Math Methodology section provides additional resources on knowledge of students, instructional and assessment practices and curriculum mapping. It is actually an ongoing process. Keeping Up-to Date One cannot teach mathematics well without a thorough understanding of content and knowledge of pedagogy. That pedagogy also includes acquiring knowledge and skills for integrating technology into curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

In order to increase teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom, the Panel recommended strengthening the math preparation of elementary and middle school teachers via preservice teacher education, early career support, and professional development programs. That content is now linked to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. It made ” recommendations for the mathematics that teachers should know and how they should come to know that mathematics. There are online instructor led and independent study, self-paced courses to satisfy differences in learning styles, and full online degree programs for teacher education. Start your own personal learning network. In terms of this latter, see the videos posted at TED, which is devoted to ideas worth spreading. See CT4ME’s sections on Associations and Journals.

You can grow professionally through your own action research, participation in case studies, and reflective discussion. CT4ME’s Education Research section will give you a good start on how to conduct your own action research. Need help setting up your personal learning network? For a list of potential blogs for math educators, see the term “Blog” in our Technology Integration Web 2.

AP Teaching Community from The College Board is an online community “where AP teachers discuss teaching strategies, share resources, and connect with each other. 0 is a social networking site for educators interested in Web 2. Future of Education is an interview series and discussion community open to all. A huge benefit is the regular series of interviews with innovative leaders who are making a difference in learning.

Called “Ignite Talks,” each playlist includes a series of videos of presentations made by math education leaders. Each video is about 5 minutes long and sure to inspire. Some are humorous, others serious, and all contribute to your professional development. Tools exist to help schools and districts to plan, implement, evaluate, and share results from professional development.

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