Musnad imam ahmad bin hanbal pdf

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Hussain’ means one part of beauty. He would enjoy watching them play and would lift them and hold them against his chest with affection. O Allah, I love both of them, Thou, too, love them similarly. Hussain is musnad imam ahmad bin hanbal pdf and I am Hussain’s.

His knowledge was exemplary and his oratory outstanding. His nights would be spent in worship, and he would give alms abundantly. No Muslim can read the accounts of the events that unfolded, without being extremely hurt and aggrieved. Muslims, and both professed the Muslim creed. Yazid, did not truly understand the meaning of Islam. He disregarded the Islamic faith and injunctions regarding honesty and justice, and hence became the oppressor. Islamic spirit, displaying bravery, tolerance and steadfastness, and was the oppressed.

A large section of the Muslims took the pledge of allegiance at the hand of Yazid to prevent divisions. Yazid’s impiety, he was not worthy, nor possessed the right to the Khalifat. After the demise of Amir Muawiyah in 60 Hijri, Yazid ordered the Amir of Madinah to immediately take the oath of allegiance from these three i. Yazid sent the Amir of Basra, Ibn Ziyaad, to Kufa and the situation reached a stage where Muslim bin Aqeel was martyred. Kufa, and decided that everything was in the hands of God. He thought that whatever He Wills would occur. Indeed, every day He manifests Himself in a new splendour.

He interpreted this dream to mean that whatever may happen to him now, there was no turning back. He gave everyone in his group the choice to return. He showed Hurban Qais the letter from Kufa. The option of returning was no longer possible. On the 3rd day of the month of Muharram, Ibn Sa’ad arrived with an army of 4000. His family started becoming extremely distressed due to this.

They sharpened their weapons and spent the night in deep worship. If only death would cause my end today! One day we all have to return to our Lord. There were only 72 people with Hussain against 4000 soldiers. You have always been my protector and I have always submitted before You alone. You alone are the Master of all goodness. Once again he demanded safe passage to a peaceful place from the enemy, however they insisted he pledge allegiance to Yazid first.

One by one the others came forward until finally all of Hussain’s companions were killed fighting, desperately trying to defend him. We were unable to help you! I am the son of Hussain, son of Ali. He sacrificed his life fighting with great bravery, in battle. He also was killed and thus attained martyrdom. He went towards the river to quench his thirst, when an arrow fired at him hit him on his face, causing blood to spurt out like a fountain. Yet, he fought valiantly until his last breath.

After this the people of Kufa started looting the Muslim camp. They even began taking off the headscarves from the women. 10 horse riders answered this call and trampled over Hadhrat Imam Hussain’s body, to the extent that his chest and back were completely disfigured. 45 times by arrows, 33 times by spears and over 40 times by sword blows. In an act of excessive cruelty, Hadhrat Hussain’s head was severed and sent to Kufa, where the governor had it displayed for public view.