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Further documentation is available here. Typically transformers prevent modern residential wiring 9th edition pdf the signal, which requires multiple technologies to form very large networks. Various data rates and frequencies are used in different situations.

Different types of power-line communications use different frequency bands. The propagation problem is a limiting factor for each type of power-line communications. The main issue determining the frequencies of power-line communication is laws to limit interference with radio services. Many nations regulate unshielded wired emissions as if they were radio transmitters. These jurisdictions usually require unlicensed uses to be below 500 KHz or in unlicensed radio bands.

These signals may be impressed on one conductor, on two conductors or on all three conductors of a high-voltage AC transmission line. Several PLC channels may be coupled onto one HV line. Filtering devices are applied at substations to prevent the carrier frequency current from being bypassed through the station apparatus and to ensure that distant faults do not affect the isolated segments of the PLC system. These circuits are used for control of switchgear, and for protection of transmission lines. PLC channel to trip a line if a fault is detected between its two terminals, but to leave the line in operation if the fault is elsewhere on the system. On some powerlines in the former Soviet Union, PLC-signals are not fed into the high voltage line, but in the ground conductors, which are mounted on insulators at the pylons.

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