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Please forward this error screen to 66. Please forward this error screen to md-in-magnetic scalar potential pdf. Both quantities can be used in certain circumstances to calculate the magnetic field. The more frequently used magnetic vector potential, A, is defined such that the curl of A is the magnetic field B.

Together with the electric potential, the magnetic vector potential can be used to specify the electric field, E as well. The magnetic scalar potential ψ is sometimes used to specify the magnetic H-field in cases when there are no free currents, in a manner analogous to using the electric potential to determine the electric field in electrostatics. Historically, Lord Kelvin first introduced the concept of magnetic vector potential in 1851. He also showed the formula relating magnetic vector potential and magnetic field. B is the magnetic field and E is the electric field.

In magnetostatics where there is no time-varying charge distribution, only the first equation is needed. Defining the electric and magnetic fields from potentials automatically satisfies two of Maxwell’s equations: Gauss’s law for magnetism and Faraday’s Law. Alternatively, the existence of A and ϕ is guaranteed from these two laws using the Helmholtz’s theorem. A always exists that satisfies the above definition. 1 and are the same as that of momentum per unit charge.

The above definition does not define the magnetic vector potential uniquely because, by definition, we can arbitrarily add curl-free components to the magnetic potential without changing the observed magnetic field. Thus, there is a degree of freedom available when choosing A. In other gauges, the equations are different. The only thing that matters about a source point is how far away it is. This simply reflects the fact that changes in the sources propagate at the speed of light. The equation for A is a vector equation. In this form it is easy to see that the component of A in a given direction depends only on the components of J that are in the same direction.

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