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To that end, WHO held an informal consultation in Geneva, on list of emergency drugs and their actions pdf-19 May, on options to improve regulatory preparedness and how WHO can support the process. Nipah virus was first identified during an outbreak of disease that took place in Malaysia in 1998.

WHO has finalized a Nipah virus vaccine target product profile, which is available here after comments from a public consultation were addressed. It is an acute viral haemorrhagic illness caused by Lassa virus, first identified in1969 in Nigeria. WHO has finalized a Lassa Fever vaccine target product profile for preventive use, which is available here after comments from a public consultation were addressed. D Blueprint, WHO has developed a special tool for determining which diseases and pathogens to prioritize for research and development in public health emergency contexts. This tool seeks to identify those diseases that pose a public health risk because of their epidemic potential and for which there are no, or insufficient, countermeasures.

The first list of prioritized diseases was released in December 2015. Using a published prioritization methodology, the list was first reviewed in January 2017. The second annual review occurred 6-7 February, 2018. These diseases pose major public health risks and further research and development is needed, including surveillance and diagnostics. They should be watched carefully and considered again at the next annual review.

Efforts in the interim to understand and mitigate them are encouraged. Although not included on the list of diseases to be considered at the meeting, monkeypox and leptospirosis were discussed and experts stressed the risks they pose to public health. AIDs, tuberculosis, malaria, influenza causing severe human disease, smallpox, cholera, leishmaniasis, West Nile Virus and plague. For many of the diseases discussed, as well as many other diseases with the potential to cause a public health emergency, there is a need for better diagnostics. Existing drugs and vaccines need further improvement for several of the diseases considered but not included in the priority list. Any type of pathogen could be prioritised under the Blueprint, not only viruses. There is a need to assess the value, where possible, of developing countermeasures for multiple diseases or for families of pathogens.

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