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Living joyce meyer pdf free life with Christ is a lifelong journey. I don’t know Jesus yet, but want to.

I’m a new Christian and want to learn more. I want to deepen my knowledge of the Bible. I want to grow in my daily walk with Christ. Start Your Journey It’s the fundamental question of being a Christian. It’s also the first step of many exciting steps on the road to understanding what it looks like to have a relationship with Him and how to apply it to your everyday life. 2 Next, let’s talk about the basics. Start with a Good Foundation You’ve made the decision to follow Jesus and we’re very excited for you!

Now is the perfect time to establish a strong foundation. Building Your New Life with Christ is a great way to get started with the basics through free weekly emails. 3 Now you’re ready to study the Bible. Jump-start Your Journey of Studying God’s Word The 3030 Challenge is a challenge to study the Bible for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

Give God 30 days and see what happens. 4 Go deeper in God’s Word. Your life with Christ is a journey and we want to encourage you in it. When you sign up for Everyday Study, we will send you a weekly email with videos, weekly scriptures, tips from Joyce, helpful articles and a whole lot more. Below you’ll find a variety of studies and downloads to help you grow. Be sure to check back periodically because we switch out studies for new content on a regular basis.

What Does the Bible Say About the Holy Spirit? 40 Things the Word of God Does for You Studying the Word of God can have a huge impact on our lives. This article is about the surname and a list of people with the surname. Not to be confused with Meier. Look up Meyer in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Meyer is a surname of English, German, Dutch, or Jewish origin. This page lists people with the surname Meyer.

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