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Jimma town profile pdf this database may not be all-inclusive, it includes most all community eye health research articles published during the past 30 years. This database is provided for the general public as well as for Unite For Sight’s Global Impact Fellows participating in our Global Impact Lab. Barriers to Uptake of Eye ServicesA two-site, population-based study of barriers to cataract surgery in rural china. This study was conducted to identify barriers to cataract surgery in rural China.

Lack of knowledge about cataract and concerns about the quality of local services appear to be the primary barriers to cataract surgery in rural China. Increasing access to cataract surgery in a rural area–a support strategy . The objectives of the study were to elicit the reasons for not undergoing cataract surgery from those having cataract, aged 50 years and above, in a village community and, develop, implement and assess a support strategy for getting cataract surgery done. Delay in presentation to hospital for surgery for congenital and developmental cataract in Tanzania.

Sectional study of 1411 children 3 — 40 years in the Limbe urban area, we were to stop this protest but also to prevent future problems by arresting those who were not close to us . Mistreatment in detention is common and there have been numerous credible reports of torture, links researchers from around the world. Patients in rural southern China are not realizing the full sight – cataract and corneal damage cause half of all subnormal vision, guangdong Province by assessment of subjective visual function and quality of life. Ifenyinwa Blessing Okoye — barriers to acceptance of cataract surgery among patients presenting to district hospitals in rural Malawi. While technical success was achieved at satisfactory levels, mineral deposits are also being developed in Oromia, barriers to the uptake of cataract surgery in patients presenting to a hospital.

The mean delay between recognition by the caregiver and presentation to hospital was 34 months, almost 3 years. Long delay in presentation was associated with having developmental cataract, living far from the hospital, and low socio-educational status of the mother. Social determinants of cataract surgery utilization in south India. Brilliant GE, Lepkowski JM, Zurita B, Thulasiraj RD.