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5 billion by 2018, and the amount of cross platform development tools is on the rise. There are advantages to native applications, but a well-made cross-platform mobile app will make the differences seem small and carry the advantage that users on ios 10 app development essentials book pdf than one platform have access to your product or service.

IDEs and Editors but also top language and tutorials. First up, we have the big hitters in the IDE department. Major Cross-Platform Development Tools The best cross platform mobile development tools, both because of the number of options they offer and their ease of use. Sencha offers a variety of tools for cross platform app development such as Sencha Architect, Sencha Animator, and more. Factr is designed mainly for enterprises looking to quickly build out apps for their mobile workers. Kony offers a range of tools as part of its enterprise Mobility Platform to help business create apps from a single codebase.

Alpha Anywhere’s enterprise-focused solution lets you build apps for the major mobile platforms, as well as for PCs and Macs. Other Editors and IDEs If you’re looking for something a little more niche, or for very simple platforms which will create basic apps but are easy to learn, then look no further. 2D apps made easy, especially for iOS, with this major development tool. Boasts that 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies use its interface-led tool for creating cross-platform applications. Affordable HTML5, iOS and Android platform made with small and medium business apps in mind.

120 features and also covers Kindle apps. Allows you to code, run and test iOS, OSX and Android apps on any device. There are higher tiers for more features. One of the newer options in this list, a browser-based app builder that lets you create native apps for iOS and Android with its automated programming. Specific, simple and quick, an app-builder for events, conferences and meetings. Back-end service specific for mobile apps and can be applied cross platform. This SDK is compatible with most languages, allowing you to code on top of pre-existing projects.

As well as covering the desktop, mobile and iOS, it is one of the few tools that lets you code for Raspberry Pi. The company also offers cloud hosting, but the platform does not produce Android apps. Coding environments are all well and good, but you should probably know about the underlying languages too. Not the first recommendation because it often puts extra strain on a mobile’s resources.

The Microsoft world equivalent of Objective-C for Mac, but it is quickly becoming a favourite for cross-platform web apps. The scripting language for HTML5, isn’t particularly useful on its own but when running alongside HTML5 results in highly effective apps. Once you’ve chosen a language, stick with it by following these tutorials. Language Tutorials There are plenty of tutorials for all the major languages, but here is a selection of some of the best one. The official tutorials by Oracle on the Java language. If you prefer reading to sitting in front of a computer, a book on learning Java could be your thing.

We’ve featured Derek on this website before, as his tutorials are outstanding, and this one is really worthwhile looking over: at over an hour long, it covers all you need to get started! If you haven’t coded for a minute throughout your life, this is still a great place to start. Another great place for beginners, this Youtube series currently numbers 100 videos. When reddit does a good help forum, it does it very well. Plenty of resources and a friendly community. Coupled with HTML and CSS courses by the same developer network, a total resource for developing cross-platform apps.

A very well structured, hands-on Ruby tutorial which presents problems for you to solve on your path to learning the language. Starts free before moving to a paid model, but these are well explained and thought-out tutorials made by professionals in the business. One of the best places to learn programming online, full-stop. Extremely useful, and not just for HTML. Does what it says on the tin really.

Breaks down the essentials of HTML very well. Final Thoughts: Can’t decide between iOS and Android? Antonopoulos ISBN-10: 1491954388 Year: 2017 Pages: 408 Language: English File size: 11. Book Description: Join the technological revolution that’s taking the world of finance by storm. Mastering Bitcoin is your guide through the seemingly complex world of bitcoin, providing the knowledge you need to participate in the internet of money.