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For the purpose of analogy, web pages work in a similar way: the HTML is used to describe the document, but it is your browser that html tutorial for beginners pdf it in its full glory – with different colours, fonts, sizes, etc. As I said, we will produce the absolute bare minimum that is needed in order to get some output, and so I think the well known ‘Hello World!

If you use vim or emacs, they also have syntax highlighting that will help to write your files. Reproduce the following text in your editor. The first line is a comment. Comments are useful for humans to annotate parts of the source file. For example, you could put information about the author and the date, or whatever you wish. A document class file defines the formatting, which in this case is a generic article format. The handy thing is that if you want to change the appearance of your document, substitute article for another class file that exists.

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Anything above this command is known generally to belong in the preamble. This was the only actual line containing real content – the text that we wanted displayed on the page. Once again, this is not too difficult to understand. This is Latex’s way of knowing that whenever it sees a backslash, to expect some commands.