Golden ratio project pdf

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Throughout the years I’ve read a lot about the golden ratio golden ratio project pdf a design perspective. The Greeks noticed there was a common ratio in nature that was pleasing to the eye.

Today, you will find this golden section reflected in design of buildings, logos, products, artwork, etc. I wanted to create a durable measuring gauge that would allow me to refer to this ratio when designing things that I build with wood, metal, software and other materials. The gauge in this instructable allows you to measure drawings or on screen items and keep the scale and proportion of elements in a design. And, because the golden section is about things that are visually appealing, I wanted the gauge to be visual appealing as well.

The gauge has 3  points, which always retains the ratio of 1 to 1. 618, even as you expand and collapse the gauge. In the picture, the distance from the center and right point is always 1. 618 times the distance of the left to center points. And you can read about it in Wikipedia as well.

Using a center punch or something with a sharp point, just the heat from the flame. For this instructable, screw your pieces together as specified in the template PDF. Using a file or sandpaper; the other side is about 3. Wood would be nice for the material to build this measuring device – we have a be nice policy. 8″ hole slowly with a screwdriver by hand, and you can read about it in Wikipedia as well.

1 and your results should be similar. I will create a followup instructable showing a simplified approach using wood. Wood would be nice for the material to build this measuring device, but I decide that plastic would be more durable and last longer. So I walked around the local Dollar Store and wandered until I found what I thought was the most suitable plastic piece for reusea Betty Crocker cutting board.

4″ aluminum rivets to hold the pieces together. However, as you will read later in this instructable, I found through experimentation, that rivets did not provide the best mechanical joint and, possibly worse, looked horrible. For this device, that measures what is pleasing to the eye, it is a requirement that the device itself is pleasing to the eye. I decided using machine screws provided the best option to holding the tool together. 8″ thick, although you could vary depending on the material you choose. For example, some people might use cardboard or wood rather than plastic.