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You might be able to play it for a while, but more often than not it’s a game we’re all destined to lose at some point. I am not saying you can’t have friends of the opposite sex. And I am not saying that all your opposite sex relationships are bad. But what I am saying is, the unavoidable progression of relationships is something that is far to easily ignored, for how dangerous they can be. If ignored and dismissed for too long, you’ll be in a relationship too deep to stop. These situations can seem complicated, but they are actually quite simple to understand.

Yes, you can have friends of the opposite sex. No, I am not saying this is the say all end all on the debate. This article is about why and how they CAN ruin your marriage. This article is written from a long-distance perspective, with only ONE story to back it. Of course there are other situations that may vary. But the idea remains the same. The heart behind this article is to bring light to a topic rarely talked about, and open the inter-webs for healthy discussion on the matter.

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While I was in college in Santa Barbara, I had a good friend that was a girl. Simultaneously, Audrey and I were in a long-distance relationship. Over time, my friendship with this girl evolved. You could say she was one of my best friends. I couldn’t understand why, because in my mind we were just friends, maybe even in her mind too. Audrey had asked me many times to stop hanging out with this girl as frequently as I was. To my regret, I didn’t listen.

There came a time where, despite my lack of understanding at the time, if I wanted a healthy relationship with Audrey, I had to say goodbye to my friend. The maximum effort you can give is 100 percent. You cannot give more than 100 percent effort, it’s not possible! Your relationships, not just marriage, are constantly fluctuating.

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