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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153405. After a career in the oil industry, Guy sadly died in geology of india pdf. I still enjoy what I’m doing. I particularly recall a field trip to South Wales where you and I had an interesting experience with a bull in a field!

After graduation, I went on to work as an engineering geologist in Europe, Africa and the Far East before settling in Vancouver, Canada in 1980, picking up an M. Engineering Rock Mechanics from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, along the way. David sent a very interesting, but quite long email which I’ve saved as a pdf file – Brian. In the September school holidays we took the RAV with some friends up to Mildura on the Murray to have a very special dinner at Stephano De Pieri’s restaurant and drove on to Broken Hill where we stayed at the Miners Arms B and B run by a geologist friends wife. We camped at the Mootwindji National Park where we were attacked by Apostle birds and did a walk into the gorges. All round it has been a good year with close to full employment until this week. Things don’t look so good from here though from the exploration employment perspective as mines close and exploration is stopped.

2004 saw no hope of raising money for exploration and no work, 2005 signs of change, the super cycle was raised, raising money was possible and some work came along, 2006 still raising money and good work. Drake mine area in Northern NSW. We have optioned the properties to Rex Minerals. I spent a week in the Great Victoria Desert WA, starting another geologist off on a drill program for uranium, funded by our Canadian JV partners Mega Uranium. A major logistical challenge being 500 km east of Kalgoorlie with sand dunes, no water, 4 different contractors all in great demand. It is fascinating country with salt lakes, sand dunes, dunarts, camels and, an extreme sense of remoteness.

Spent a month in July with Drake Resources, looking at copper prospects in Sweden, which was a great experience. Most of my time was spent in wilderness north of the Arctic circle based in a hotel in Kiruna, home of the huge iron ore mine and the European rocket launching facility or Mala where the Swedish Geological Survey have their core library and exploration archives. What fascinating country, mainly swamp, mosquitos and reindeer. Bears keep you alert as you wander the forests. Hope the snow is not too much of a concern and that your heating keeps going.

Unlike my brothers who has had 3 days without recently. We are well and largely semi-retired and living 5 days a week in the upper Yarra Valley an hours drive from Melbourne at a beautiful village called Warburton where we have a lovely cottage with amazing rainforest views. The other two days are spent in Melbourne at our Glen iris address where we look after grandchildren. I am still doing work in Norway  around the Sulitjelma Cu Zn mines, but with the downturn in exploration funding it is significantly reduced. Life otherwise is very active with membership of a table tennis group giving me 4 hours a week of good brain challenging exercise. I am also Secretary of the Friends of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail a group advocating for the betterment of what is Australia’s most popular rail trail with 0. Sally is on the committee of the Film society and coordinator for the Annual Film Festival which is a major tourist attraction.

We are members of the local U3A and I do plan to run a course on the local historical gold mining industry and possibly even the local geology. We have a lovely large garden 1100m2  and grow most vegetable as well as avocados, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, cherries apples, blueberries and plums as well as 32 different roses. Mt Donna Buang 1300m behind us is a local cross country skiing and tobogganing centre so we have lovely 4 season weather pattern with about 1. Bob is also semi- retired but his company seems to be doing well. His oil industry work has clearly paid much better than my metals work as he has a magnificent refurbished small chateau  in the south of France and is living in Newbury.

Since I last communicated I have managed Drake Resources exploration in Norway funded by Panoramic Resources the WA nickel miners. However with nickel prices plummeting they have closed one mine and survive on their other mine but with cutbacks on exploration anywhere. Thanks for the contact and keep fit and well. I plan to do the Annapurna Circuit walk in Nepal in March next year with some 60-75 year old friends and then we plan to visit UK next September which may take us to Emsworth. I stumbled on the web site this morning and found it very interesting. I graduated in 1972 from the Engineering Geology and Geotechnics program.