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Automatic so you don’t need to vent manually! Here is a nice “all around” Stand Up Paddleboard design. This is a nice free sup plans pdf design for all Paddleboarders whether you want to surf it or paddle around on lakes and rivers.

This Paddle board is nice and wide and features a domed deck and thick rails. See pics of some Stand-Up-Paddleboard that were built using these plans. About our plans    What Do I Need? My plans are the easiest to build and the board is almost finished  when assembled! After assembly you will just trim and shape the outer edges. Don’t waste your time and money on cheap-o plans that make flat, featureless logs, or complicated plans with a billion tiny pieces. My plans feature domed decks, spoon nose option and Vee-tails in the performance boards.

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See why I sold thousands and helped people all over the world build and ride their own surf craft! Join the community and share your project pics on our Builder’s Forum. Get attention at the beach showing off your new work of art! Click to BUY IT NOW and get started on your project! I have refined my blueprints to be user friendly, having the rail layout pre-drawn and the concave option all laid out. Just print them out, paste them on, and cut out the pieces! I have put together a complete manual to accompany these plans, which covers rocker jig setup, ripping jigs, and some do’s and don’ts to make the build easier for the first time builder.