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In the meantime, forgive our dust! Get alerted when our new site is launched by signing up with your email address below! The first section is an index of Mammal Taxonomic Orders. Click on the Taxonomic link to be taken to the relevant section within the second section of the Registry. Australian Mammals: Biology and Captive Management.

London Zoo, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY, England. Antechinus, Quolls, Phascogales, Tasmanian Devil etc. Blackpool Zoo, East Park Drive, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 8PP, UK. Department of Conservation and Land Management, Albany, W. A guide to raising and releasing kangaroos and wallabies. In: Tree Kangaroo Species Survival Plan. A comprehensive book on the maintenance of Bats in captivity.

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In: Fruit Bat Husbandry Manual, N. Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Jersey, United Kingdom. American Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 3705 Erwin Road, Durham, North Carolina 27705, USA. Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, RI, USA. Brookfield Zoo, 3300 Golf Road, Brookfield, IL, 60513-1095, U. For more information contact Frank Rietkerk at f.