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When settlers came to Britain, they built villages and towns and gave them names. Unjumble the letters to find the words. Follow directions esl dictation exercises pdf answer questions about a city map. Is it Better to Live in a City or Not?

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a huge cemetery hidden under the sands south of Cairo. During this English lesson you will learn the vocabulary for places around the city. Also learn how to ask basic questions about where certain places are around the city. This EFL lesson plan is designed around a short film by Simon Smith who recaptured the shots of London taken by Claude Friese-Greene in 1927. Students talk about what they know about London, compare London in 1927 and now, do a dictation and discuss their home towns. Ce projet dépasse le cadre de la séquence.

Tâche finale : Vous travaillez pour une agence de voyage. Vous devrez produire un programme pour 6 jours à destination de touristes. I love the movie Big Fish, but Bangkok Dangerous is not a recommendation. These scenes are very nice, though, for the topic urban violence. This lesson is designed around a beautiful short film by Bruce Branit called World Builder.

Students speak and write about a perfect world, and watch a short film. A new report says living in a city makes it harder for people to concentrate. The research found that people who live in rural areas did better on thinking tests. City life or desert life ?

You are a space traveler from a faraway planet. You have been sent here to find the best place to live. Answer the questions correctly to take a look inside the buildings to find out all about them. Can you help me fill the empty spaces in our town? Look around and find spaces from the city to the countryside. Think about what building or green space would best suit the area before you make your choice.

On pourrait, par exemple, donner des instructions pour la construction de la ville en utilisant différentes prépositions. Artists use their imaginations to create scenes and places that are not real and that might never exist. The attitude of those you watch. Noises may find you but not speech. With all the subtlety of sight. Where the streets do have names: Songs about Streets, Roads, Avenues, Boulevards, Lanes, Drives, Ways, Highways, Routes, etc.

It is a “song about life in a suburban paradise. This music video for it features the clever typographic animation of Jarrett Heather. Words and corporate logos flow across the screen as the narrator embraces a lifestyle of prosperity symbolized by the Shop-Vac in his basement workshop. Listen to the song , click the answers and see what score you got! Green City Solutions is a biotech and IoT startup leading the way in the business of air pollution reduction.

What will tomorrow’s green city look like? How do you build cities that do more with less to provide for ever-growing populations? This animated short film gets to the heart of the challenges we face in making sustainable cities a reality. The city of tomorrow is waiting just under the surface of our everyday lives. Together, we can make it happen. I thought about saying “secret patterns” or “mysterious patterns” in the title, but that’d be a lie: they’re just mostly unknown! So let’s talk about tactile paving, about design, about accessibility, and about those bumpy bits that you stand on when you’re crossing a British street.

Which are the best music videos about city life? From Beyoncé in Rio to U2 in Los Angeles, here’s our pick of the most memorable videos depicting urban life in cities around the world. In the video , you can watch the stunning rise of human cities, from their humble origin in the Fertile Crescent in the year 3700 B. A city in Spain uses technology to make life easier for its citizens and visitors. It is an example of a “smart city” that other cities are interested in trying. The vocabulary is for elementary and pre-intermediate students and it covers different basic features which can be found in towns and cities.

The city is created by piling huge ice blocks into buildings, often with lights frozen in the middle of the blocks. The 2057 documentary is a 3 part series by the Discovery Channel. It’s a an entertaining documentary about life in 50 years. The city episode shows us how much city life will be incredibly interconnected. The extreme interconnection has risks however which we must avoid before problems occur. While scavenging for food, RJ the raccoon enters the cave of Vincent the bear, his only friend who has a large wagon full of human food taken from a nearby rest stop. RJ accidentally wakes Vincent from his hibernation, and in a race to escape, causes the stash to roll out onto the nearby highway and get run over.

Printable Games, Powerpoint Games, Online Games in partnership with – www. Here are tips for ESL games and activities for classrooms. These games have changed the lives of teachers, making their lessons more fun. Whether you need games for communicative activities, reading or writing, you will find ideas here. They work for us, they may work for you. It is quite easy to play yet it gets a lot of language out of students if well thought out.