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Programmable logic devices, what are they? Specifically they are an integrated circuit that you program using a hardware description language such as VHDL or Verilog. Other languages that you may have heard of are CUPL or ADA. With the correct tools you can even generate a schematic that is used to build the file that will be used to program the device. There are several types of programmable logic available. 20V8 have been around for quite some time. XC3S50 from Xilinx are some of the newer versions of programmable logic that are a result of improvements to the original types of devices.

These types of devices are available from several manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Cypress Semiconductor, Atmel, Lattice Semi, Altera, Actel, and Xilinx. Some of these suppliers no longer manufacture these devices themselves but have sold the rights to Rochester Electronics who manufactures them with the same part numbers and logos while some like Lattice still offer GAL devices in addition to newer CPLDs and FPGAs. Step 1: Types of Programmable Logic Devices. The FPGAs generally have lots of Flip Flops while PLDs have much fewer if any at all. This is due to the fact that most FPGAs are SRAM based devices and when power goes out, the program is lost.

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Their architecture is completely different from that of a FPGA as shown below. Programming is done via the JTAG pins on the device. The PLA is part of the function block. O Blocks to the function block then to the AIM and vice-versa. From the picture you can see small blocks labeled MC1 to MC16. The PAL, GAL, and PLD devices have an architecture as shown below. Step 3: What Device Do I Use?

Like micro controllers you have lots of options and price points. The main thing to consider when selecting a PLD or FPGA is what is it you need to do. Like micro controllers, you need a tool to allow you to develop your code, test it both before and after layout via simulation, and at some point be able to program your part. The free tools really are all that you will need. As I use Xilinx that is the tool set that we will cover. Most of the tools look similar to this. Here you can write your code and manage your project.