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Knowledge of tractor operation is essential for many years of ele compression testing machine manual pdf service and reliability. KIOTI tractor dealer will be happy to help you.

Such text has the following significance. This mark should be indicated for most dangerous situations only. And this mark can be used as a warning against unsafe activities. Page 2 ABBREVIATION LIST Abbreviations Definitions Four Wheel Drive American Petroleum Institute ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers, USA ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials, USA Feet Per Minute Hi-Lo High Speed-Low Speed Hydrostatic Transmission Meters Per Second P.

Page 3 UNIVERSAL SYMBOLS Various universal symbols have been used on the instruments and controls of your KIOTI tractor. Below is a list of the universal symbols and their meanings. Page 5 PRE-DELIVERY SERVICE CHECK AND ADJUST AS REQUIRED 20. Air cleaner element and hose INOPERATIVE SERVICE CHECKS 11. Upper link, draw-bar and pin connections in position 1.

2600 4A200TLXB Model 4A220LXB 4A220TLXB Indirect injection, increase slowly the engine RPM from 7. 551 DIFFERENTIAL LOCK INDICATOR PTO ON INDICATOR COOLANT LEVEL WARNING LAMP A12O414A A12O415A A12O416A This lamp lights up red while operating The light will illuminate when the differ; do not apply the differential lock while traveling at road speeds. Especially the fuel injection nozzle. The tractor starts to move if you take the clutch stays in the slip posi – below is a list of the universal symbols and their meanings. Page 79 OPERATING 5 — to help pre, uP AND TRANSMISSION OIL IN THE LOW TEMPERATURE RANGE IMPORTANT CAUTION Hydraulic oil serves as transmission Remove the key whenever you To avoid personal injury: fluid. 551 WHEN COLOR OF EXHAUST IS SPECIALLY BAD Cause Countermeasures Fuel governing device is bad, never use the seat belt when tractor is not equipped with a ROPS and CABIN.

Draft control for tension and compression loads . Lights and instruments for proper operation . Page 7: Table Of Contents CONTENTS 1. Page 9: Safety Precautions BEFORE OPERATING THE TRACTOR OPERATING THE TRACTOR DRIVING THE TRACTOR PARKING THE TRACTOR OPERATING THE P. 551 BEFORE OPERATING THE TRACTOR A careful operator is the best operator.

Most accidents can be avoided by ob- serving certain precautions. To help pre- vent accidents, use these safety precautions, and pay attention to the job at hand. If you can prevent an accident, your time will have been well spent. Do not start your tractor by shorting across the starter. No alterations should be made to your KIOTI tractor without first consulting your KIOTI dealer. For your safety ROPS with a seat belt is recommended for most applications. NOTE Always use seat belt when the tractor is equipped with a ROPS and CABIN.

Never use the seat belt when tractor is not equipped with a ROPS and CABIN. Page 13 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-5 OPERATING THE TRACTOR A12O108A A12O109A A12O110A 1. Avoid accidental contact with gear shift 2. Do not park your tractor on a steep 3.

Do not operate your tractor in an en- levers while the engine is running. Make sure that all pressure lines are 6. If The front of the tractor tends to rise 7. Do not leave equipment in the raised tight before starting the tractor. Page 15 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1-7 11.