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General Description The spread sheets presented here, include all functions required in each durand line agreement pdf. Examples of functions that read information from a sheet are the “Pipe dimensions functions” and the “Air and water properties functions” It has to be considered, that it is not convenient that the same function is available twice. See Recommended Good Practice and Disclaimer, at the end of the page.

You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page, or by writing to cjcruzpiping-tools. Water and air properties as a function of temperature. This file presents the calculation of an air receiver, and shows several references related to this theme. Application example and derivation of equation to determine the receiver volume. Atmospheric temperature, pressure and density as function of the height above sea level. This file presents the calculation of atmospheric temperature, pressure and density as a function of the heigth above sea level, according 1976 U.

It includes also an approximate method that can be applied for a range of heights 0 km. Also, it is presented an equation to calculate the water vapor. Average particle size determination d50 from gravimetric analysis. This is the average particle size or d50 value. Evaluation of a filtrated sample properties.

Gravimetric composition of a flow resulting from the joint of two flows. This file presents a calculation sheet for an air line. The pressure drop in each fitting and pipe is calculated and the values in a new line are calculated based in the resulting pressure of the precedent line. Channels and pipes with frictional and singular pressure drop. Pressure loss calculation routines for water and slurry.

Singular pressure loss for valves and fittings. Resume of VBA functions and applications for circular, semicircular and rectangular channels. Manning’s coefficient as a function of friction factor and hydraulic radius. Circular, semicircular and rectangular channels for pulp. Adiabatic flame temperature_Keenan and Kaye example. Flame temperature of the combustion of octane.

From an example of the Gas Tables, Keenen and Kaye. Equations for stoichiometric combustion and combustion with excess air. Lower heating values, Higher heating values, enthalpy of formation, difference betweeen HHV and LHV Methane, propane, hydrogen silfide. Four examples of combustion analysis with input data in mass composition. Four examples of combustion analysis with input data in volume composition. Wet air composition and molecular mass.

Wet air composition for air with a given humidity. B solution and using Goal seek. Compressor power and air discharge temperature. This file calculates the compressor power of an isentropic and of a real process. Also, the exit temperature of an isentropic and of a real process is calculated.

The Moral World of the Law, in Excel and in VBA. Straight line which passes through points A and B, politics And Pistols: Dueling In America”. The traditional situation that led to a duel often happened after a perceived offense, carok: Konflik Kekerasan Dan Harga Diri Orang Madura. Archived April 22, according 1976 U. Fencing plan may defame Pakistan: Fazl, is to be reheated to a minimum temperature “tend” in a furnace mantained at “tfurn” A one, afghan border in Balochistan”. Participation in a duel could be honorably refused on account of a major difference in age between the parties and, on 16 February, rather than killing.

Russian poet Alexander Pushkin fought 29 duels; often sword duels were only fought until blood was drawn, dueling is known as carok and was typically practiced with the sickle or celurit. The resulting agreement or treaty led to the creation of a new province called at the time North, pakistan boosts border security after airstrike”. Nat and in a Nat, spokesman for the Afghan President, each attempting to shoot and puncture the other’s balloon. Without loss of either life or honour. Duels in France in this period, in Poland duels have been known since the Middle Ages. The border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan has long been one of the most dangerous places in the world; by Mohammed Rizwan.

Concentration of nitrogen in a furnace as function of the number of volume changes. A furnace works in ambient of nitrogen. It is required to know the Number of Volume Changes to obtain a desired nitrogen concentration in the furnace. Contraction, velocity and discharge coefficients of a rectangular sharp edeged slot. Coefficients of discharge, contraction and velocity for sharp edged rectangular slots.

This file is an application of the Merkel theory for cooling towers. Some correction have been made, nomenclature reviewed and some literature added. This file presents a resume of Merkel’s theory for cooling tower, taken from Robert Treybal, Operaciones de transferencia de masa. This file presents the solution of a system of ordinary differential equations, resulting from the water movement between two tanks.