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Amazon a mis à disposition des utilisateurs de sa liseuse Kindle un logiciel de sim a microsim pdf permet de transferer de fichiers depuis son ordinateur. Que vous possédiez ou non la fameuse tablette, vous pouvez gouter aux joies des livres électroniques, lire une page web sur votre tablette ou smartphone Apple, visionner des images, des fichiers texte ou PDF. Connectez-vous ou créez un compte Amazon. Installez-le avec les options par défaut.

Quel que soit votre choix, l’appli “Send To Kindle” s’ouvre, vous pouvez y modifier le titre et le nom de l’auteur de votre document. L’option “Archive document in your Kindle Library” vous permettra de sauvegarder et gérer ce fichier directement depuis votre compte Amazon, pour l’effacer ou l’envoyer vers une tablette Kindle ou un autre appareil. Le transfert n’est pas instantané mais presque. Posez vos questions dans le forum CNET, rubrique mobilité et tablettes tactiles. Cette édition de CNET est publiée sous un accord de licence de CBS interactive Inc, San Francisco, CA, USA. Tous les contenus publiés originalement dans l’édition US de CNET, sont la propriété de CBS Interactive Inc.

CNET est une marque déposée de CBS Interactive Inc. The smaller SIM format is gaining traction but there are still tons of cell providers and phones that use the regular sized SIM card, including T-Mobile, many prepaid plans. T or with the SAM method, it’s worth it if you need to use another carrier. My toolkit looked like the picture below, and I ended up getting away with using only the scissors and a nail file to complete the entire process. A ruler and a pencil may be helpful for some too, but I’ve noticed many SIM cards have different sizes of plastic around different portions of the card, the only thing that is really consistent are the location of the metal contact points. There isn’t much to say in terms of instruction other than the obvious, cut the SIM down to micro SIM size.

This is easy if you have a micro SIM to follow as a guide, but if you don’t and you’re just winging it the Solutios walkthrough found here is about as good as you’ll find online, but remember to emphasize the golden contacts. Trim the plastic away from the SIM card to match the size found on a Micro SIM, preserving the metal region. With some old sim cards you may need to trim some of the side metal, just don’t go beyond the first inner black line on the metal contact. WOOOAA, I would NEVER ever do this free-style. S in german, but you get the picture once you’ve looked at it.

I’ve used this a couple of times now and it’s as easy as 1,2,3. That looks pretty useful, if you speak German and can translate it that’d be great. I always use a nail file for the fine tuning afterwards. SIM card, where there are metal contact points.

I considered Red Envelope and Straight Talk, but I haven’t settled on one yet. I’m a little worried I’ll have my number ported over, and then the operation will fold. I know I could just port my number over to Google Voice and then use it that way, but things start getting complicated. Also, when you go to a different provider, don’t you lose visual voicemail?

This is good for those that are on wifi all day like myself. You can port over your number, but I ended up just going with Google Voice instead and it has worked out pretty good. I’ve had it this way for about 6 months now. 45 a month and everything works on my phone except MMS. I can live with that, I just email the pics. Phone, texting, email, apps are all great.

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