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You can choose your language settings from within the program. This is always free of charge. Sync your files with the cloud! SIGDAT, the Association for Computational Linguistics special interest group on linguistic data and corpus-based approaches to NLP, invites you to participate in EMNLP 2017. Join your collegues for the opening reception of EMNLP 2017. The reception is held in the room Østerbro, on the top floor of CpH.

In such environments, research topics such as learning to experiment, learning to learn and emergent communication can be easily explored. We propose an efficient method to conduct phrase alignment on parse forests for paraphrase detection. General treebank analyses are graph structured, but parsers are typically restricted to tree structures for efficiency and modeling reasons. We propose a new Maximum Subgraph algorithm for first-order parsing to 1-endpoint-crossing, pagenumber-2 graphs.

Yuhao Zhang, Victor Zhong, Danqi Chen, Gabor Angeli and Christopher D. Organized relational knowledge in the form of “knowledge graphs” is important for many applications. Relation extraction is a fundamental task in information extraction. Most existing methods have heavy reliance on annotations labeled by human experts, which are costly and time-consuming. There has been a recent line of work automatically learning scripts from unstructured texts, by modeling narrative event chains. We present a simple yet effective approach for linking entities in queries.