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Get great tutoring at an affordable price with Chegg. Subscribe today and get your 1st 30 minutes Free! See the Broadband Hamnet web site for late-breaking news. While we started by using little Linksys routers, mesh cdf calculator from pdf can now use a line of the more powerful Ubiquiti devices!

AE5CA recommends that your first mesh node should be from Ubiquiti! For example, AE5CA-QTH is using a Rocket M2 and airMAX sector antenna to solidly connect with nodes 8 miles and 13 miles distant! Only these models will work for Hamnet Mesh. Note: Find model and serial numbers on underside of the unit.

Note our frequency allocations in the 13 cm band: 2390-2450 MHz, which includes a 802. How to Order the Right One! Drag lower right corner of map to enlarge it. Click altitude link for each entry, and enter added antenna height above ground, e. Click “Parameters” below the profile image.

Tip: Use Satellite view to see obstructions. A must-read to seriously understand the concepts. If so, click links to specific instructions and DD-WRT firmware file. Source code is available at the Bitbucket Code Repository. Function Finders” to help determine the best curve fit for your data. This site is dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth, and was written by James R. The site is a natural outgrowth of my previous Research and Development days in Washington, D.

Tokyo, Japan and now in Birmingham, AL, USA. This technique is captured in the pyeq3 open source fitting code. No secrets here, it’s in the open source code. This site is dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth, son of the living God.