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UPDATE: You can read about the results of our further investigation into this story here. At the Toronto Motorcycle Show we came across an Air Canada’s food guide pdf 2017 booth advertising some pretty decent rates to fly your bike to various parts of the globe.

950 to South America means that you can fly down with your bike and do that dream Americas ride without having to go there AND back! Either way, for the would-be adventurer who is tight on time, this Air Canada initiative opens up the world, literally. We contacted Air Canada’s Antonio Sammartino for more info and sent him our questions. What do I have to do to prepare for my motorbike to be shipped as dangerous good? Motorcycles are classified as dangerous goods in international air transport. The booking agent will provide information on the documentation requirements and process for preparing the motorbike for transport.

You can also contact Doug at Dangerous Goods Packaging Limited. We offer two types of rates for each destination. Rates depend on whether you travel with Air Canada to the same destination as your motorbike or not. Same rate applies for return shipment. Price includes: fuel, security surcharge and navigation tax. How much time will it take my bike to reach its destination? Your motorbike will travel on the same aircraft as passengers, arriving at the same time.

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Recovery time at destination can be longer than 4 hours sometimes if the motorbike is shipped on the same flight as you. Therefore, it can sometimes be preferable to book and ship a day prior to your travel date. This will avoid you waiting at your destination. How far in advance do I take my motorbike to Air Canada Cargo? The motorbike can be tendered at our facilities up to 24 hours prior to departure time. Usually the freight is tendered at the same time as the Dangerous Goods Documents are processed.