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964 0 0 0 15 bloodlines tome 1 pdf 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. In five millennia, the Mandalorians fought with and against a thousand armies on a thousand worlds.

They learned to speak as many languages and absorbed weapons technology and tactics from every war. Mando’a, sometimes referred to simply as Mandalorian, was the primary language spoken by the Mandalorian culture. We don’t have a word for hero. Being prepared to die for your family and friends, or what you hold dear, is a basic requirement for a Mando, so it’s not worth a separate word. It’s only cowards we had to find a special name for.

To understand and be able to speak Mando’a was one of the Resol’nare, the six central tenets that an individual had to observe in their daily life should they wish to be a Mandalorian. Mando’a changed very little throughout the centuries in spite of the many languages the Mandalorians learned to speak, and the vast influence from alien cultures. How do I tell Darman in Mandalorian that I love him? It’s the same word as ‘to know,’ ‘to hold in the heart,’ kar’taylir.

But you add darasuum, forever, and it becomes something rather different. Mando’a was a primarily spoken language, rather than a written one, and was thus an expressive language that was often thought of as easy to learn, a trait highly desirable in a culture that regularly adopted adults from numerous races and species. Because Mandalorians believed in living their history, along with the idea that a tomorrow was not always a certainty, past and future tense were colloquially done away with. Instead, the prefixes ru for “past”, and ven for “future”, were used in place of the more widely-used tense forms.

Furthermore, infinitive verbs ended in -ir, -ar, -ur, -or, or -er. To produce the stem, removing the “r” at the end was all that was required. Ni vorer was incorrect, but Ni vore—meaning “I accept” and using the inflected form—was correct. Buir meant both “mother” and “father”, just as “son” and “daughter” were both represented by the word ad. When it was necessary to specify gender, the adjectives of jagyc or dalyc—male and female, respectively—would be added. This grammatical system was a rarity for a language spoken by beings who reproduced sexually. To form a question, the interrogative prefix tion was placed at the beginning of a sentence.

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