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OEM pumps give your products acompetitive advantage. Trying to succeed in today’s competitive marketplacewith standardized pumps puts your products at adistinct disadvantage. Comprehensive statistical process control programsensure quality standards during blank packing list pdf phases of design, development, andmanufacturing.

There’s nothing standard about yourapplication or our solution. Our OEM team is trained and experienced in meetingunique needs with unique solutions. OEM customer service representative what you’retrying to accomplish. Vane pumps are used for liquid transfer applications ranging from chemicals to liquefiedgases. Vanes extend from slots in the rotor, sweeping liquid through a cam-shaped cavity. Hardened Casing62 Rockwell C surfaced-hardened stainlesssteel casing.

Extends casing andvane life, lowering life-cycle costs. Provides application flexibility and reduces life-cycle costs. Like getting two pumps in one! BUILTDOUBLE PUMPSViking double pumps are ideally suited to many applications inthe industrial and mobile markets. 4 to arriveat the number of units for each pumping section. VIKING DOUBLE PUMPSSERIES GP-04, GP-05, GP-07HORSEPOWER REQUIREMENTSFigures 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 relate required horsepowerto discharge pressure for each pump section. HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMPSGP-05 SERIESSEVEN SIZES AVAILABLE FROM0.

MOUNTED PUMP UNITSGP-05 SERIESThe mountings shown fit all seven sizes ofthe GP-05 series, with horizontal and verticalporting options. HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMPSGENERAL INFORMATIONPRESSURESDISCHARGE PRESSUREThe hydraulic gear pumps are especially designed for operatingmany types of hydraulic equipment which require pressures upto 2500 PSI with intermittent service. DUAL CONTAINMENTUNIVERSAL MAG DRIVEHow Mag Drive Works:The Viking Solution:An outer magnet assemblydriven by the motor rotates,and in turn causes an innermagnet assembly housedwithin a hermeticallysealed canister to turn,driving the pump shaft. Simple design minimizes servicerequirements while providing unmatched durability and reliability. Short-term run dry is possible due to state of theart design and magnet technology.

1902 by the founder of Viking Pump, which isthe world-leading provider of internal gear process pumps. Static O-ring sealed joints provides improved sealing vs. AL size pumps have been sold successfully for over 50 years with installations worldwide. QS size pumps have been sold to a variety of customers, in locations across the globe. THE EXCEPTIONAL CLEAN ABILITY OF AHYGIENIC PUMP COMPLIANTUSDACOMPLIANTVIKINGPUMP. BUFFERFLUID PORTS STANDARDINTERNAL ANGLESEnables field change fromsingle to double seals. Allows five minute end clearanceadjustment by rotating the bearing housing,vs.