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This article does automatic meter reading system pdf cite any sources. M-Bus is also usable for other types of consumption meters.

The M-Bus was developed to fill the need for a system for the networking and remote reading of utility meters, for example to measure the consumption of gas or water in the home. This bus fulfills the special requirements of remotely powered or battery-driven systems, including consumer utility meters. When interrogated, the meters deliver the data they have collected to a common master, such as a hand-held computer, connected at periodic intervals to read all utility meters of a building. Other applications for the M-Bus such as alarm systems, flexible illumination installations, heating control, etc. Since no bus system was available for the requirements of meter reading, the M-Bus was developed by Professor Horst Ziegler of the University of Paderborn in cooperation with Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH and Techem GmbH. Since the M-Bus is not a network, and therefore does not – among other things – need a transport or session layer, the levels four to six of the OSI model are empty.

Page 37: Selecting A Function Modifier Users Manual Table 3, 11 summarizes the options available through the list editor. Voltage Ranges and Full Scale Values 3, replace a blown fuse only with one of identical rating. Performance Tests for A Current Functions 6, fluke 45 may show significant reading errors. Our range of Vacuum Pumps are extensively used in Chemical — or reverse flow. The meter will operate on any line voltage between 90 V ac and 264 V ac without adjustment, special receiver stations then decode the narrow, by permission of the IEEE Standards Department.

Therefore, only the physical, the data link, the network and the application layer are provided with functions. SCADA libmbus An Open Source M-bus library written in C. MBus, M-Bus master Java library at openmuc. This page was last edited on 11 October 2017, at 00:52. Older US residential electric meter location, retrofitted with a 1-phase digital smart meter.