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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. A wealth of river basin-based ancient irrigation system in sri lanka pdf heritage is abundant in Sri Lanka. Reservoirs of Sri Lanka are different from the water tanks seen in ancient civilisations or bodies of water collected for purposes such as generation of electricity or supplying water for consumption. The dagobas, or stupas, are distinctive for many reasons.

They are probably the largest brick structures known to the pre-modern world. Cave temples had been used in Sri Lanka since ancient times, fine examples if these include the magnificent cave temple complex in Dambulla built by king Valagamba. It is world-renowned for the beautiful Sigiriya frescoes. This page was last edited on 4 September 2017, at 11:00.

The Anuradhapura period was a period in the history of Sri Lanka of the Anuradhapura Kingdom from 377 BC to 1017 AD. King of Upatissa Nuwara and the first monarch of the Anuradhapura Kingdom and 6th over all of the island of Sri Lanka since the arrival of the Vijaya, he reigned from 437 BC to 367 BC. Tamil King with Chola origins, who ruled “Pihiti Rata”, i. Sri Lanka north of the mahaweli, after killing King Asela. Later the King returned to the Maha Vihara. Sinhalese King of the Maurya clan.

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