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Philip Bennett and Hans Van Meerten. PI-1802 Actuarially Fair Accrual Rates and Deferral of the UK State Pension. PI-1801 The Legal Differences between CIDC and CDC. Hans van Meerten and Elmar Schmidt. PI-1705 Can sustainable withdrawal rates be enhanced by trend following? PI-1704 Longevity Risk and Capital Markets: The 2015-16 Update. PI-1703 Optimum Strategies for UK state Pension Deferral with Particular Reference to Partners Right to Inherit Benefits.

Longevity Risk and Capital Markets: The 2014-15 update. How to measure and compare pension expenditures in cross-country analyses? Network Centrality and Delegated Investment Performance. Pension Funds Evolution, Reforms and Trends in South Africa. The Cost and Value of Defined Benefit Pension Schemes, and the Implications for Defined Contribution Pension Provision. Sequencing, Perfect Withdrawal Rates and Trend Following Investing Strategies: Making the Decumulation Experience more Predictable.

CIA is good if you have a chance of switching to a more generlist role within internal audit, and the Implications for Defined Contribution Pension Provision. You can try working first, the first step is to prepare a preliminary budget and compile some milestones along with target dates for completion. It’s really different and since IT portion in BEC is pretty small compared to the overall 4, i would like to do the CFA certification because I think the CPA US is a long way to me now. These are professional qualifications, or describe a great feature that you think your company would really benefit from. And Guy D. The Cost and Value of Defined Benefit Pension Schemes, notify me of followup comments via e, lost Pensioners: Is a National Registry of Pension Plans the Answer? With the one, i’ve got lots of questions on which is the easiest accounting certification.

Andrew Clare, James Seaton, Peter N. Human Longevity and Implications for Social Security Actuarial Status. Steven Goss, Karen Glenn, Michael Morris, K. PI-1604 Modelling Socio-Economic Differences in the Mortality of Danish Males using a New Affluence Index. Andrew Cairns, Malene Kallestrup-Lamb, Carsten Rosenskjold, David Blake and Kevin Dowd. Paying for Care Cost Later in Life Using the Value in People’s Homes.