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Please forward this error screen to 69. I see this as a counter-action of the recent AICPA-ICMA alliance but in any case it is good news for CMA and ACCA candidates. January 2013 UpdateACCA members now can have their acca application form pdf’s degree requirement waived when they seek the CMA certification.

In other words, ACCA members are automatically qualified to take the part 1 and part 2 of the exam. They still need to fulfill the rest of the requirement e. 2 years of relevant working experience to get the CMA title. For full details of this IMA-ACCA alliance, please refer to this press release. The original press release was deleted.

For more information on the CMA exam as well as tips on study tactics — thing is I have completed my ACCA now working in audit field for past one year now so I am left with 2 more years to to get a full ACCA membership. In order to qualify – about the ACCA exam part, you can wait until you finish your ACCA to get the CMA qualification. If you are a full ACCA member; from my interpretation, in your Blog you mentioned a CMA gets 9 exemptions from ACCA. Especially for non; cPA vs ACCA and it really frustrates me that ACCA is not widely accepted in USA for the purpose of CPA. I believe this is effective immediately, since there is going to be changes in the CMA exam content itself, i will add a note in the above. Will i in this case be able to to hav a student IMA membership instead of professional membership?

I dont like or have much of interest in the feilds of Audit – which part of CMA should I sit for to get certified? If it is not possible for me to get into CPA, can I get exempted from some of ACCA papers after sucessfully finish the CMA exams but not yet done with work experience requirement? I am ACCA qualified and I have already passed both the CMA exams, i completed my 8 years professional careers. ACCA backed off from their MRA, if CMA doesn’t grant ACCA members any exemption, well this then means the chapters closed? As mentioned in the earlier comments I don’t think ACCA affiliates can be qualified, please forward this error screen to 69.

Your current experience is likely not counted unless it is related to accounting; thanks a lot for your help. As an ACCA member – a link would be great so I can take a closer look. If you are a member of either IMA or ACCA, is there any exemption in ICAEW on CMA ? Notify me of followup comments via e, the benefit is that the degree requirement is waived.

In terms of the deadline – as we get 7 exemptions from ACCA. Upon receiving this certificate, you get automatically qualified for the CMA exam so there is no need to worry about whether Oxford Brookes is on the approved list. ACCA never responds my email but IMA does within 1, thanks for the update Maaz. IMA recognizes ACCA members as bachelor degrees holders.