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If we take a look at long distance running, I will have to introduce you to a legendary coach: Arthur Lydiard. When the runners started to run longer a spy for all seasons pdf, they got more efficient and achieved a better endurance.

Also there are probably some neural adaptations that make running more efficient. Training at slow speeds has only very little effect on VO2 maximum. Long slow distance of three, four or five hours certainly will enhance your capillary development well because you are engaging the exercise for a very, very long period of time. But the point is it takes longer to obtain the same result as if you were to do your aerobic training at higher aerobic speed. If you are a professional runner and all you have to do is to train all day long, you can afford to run five hours, but we couldn’t afford to do that in our days.

We had to obtain the best possible result in the limited time that we had and the best way to develop aerobic capacity was to train at higher aerobic speed. My runners did a very hilly 22-mile course, with one hill of three miles, somewhere around 2:10 and 2:15. We used to do our Monday 10-mile run in about 55 minutes. They were all aerobic running, but we weren’t mucking around at all.

When you read his comment, please remember that bike rides typically are much longer than running sessions, therefore a 3 hours run is a very, very long training session. It takes time to build endurance Arthur Lydiard believes that these peripheral adaptations explain why the best marathon runners are above 30 years old. We see the same thing happening in road cycling where the best riders are between 30 to 35 years old. Your aerobic development is a gradual thing. It takes years and years of marathon-type training to develop your aerobic capacity to the fullest. That is why, when in 1984 Carlos Lopes was running a marathon for the Olympics, people said that he was too old. I said that it would be to his advantage because he had developed a fine aerobic base through years and years of training.

Another good example is Lorraine Moller. In 1992, people thought she was too old. In fact, her shoe company dropped her contract. Now, that does not mean you should wait till the very last moment to run a marathon. I found out years ago, and this is the fundamental concept of my training program, that when I started to train for the marathon, my track time got better.

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