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With all the buzz surrounding the 21 day fix things have been a little CRAZY! The 21 day fix book pdf was bigger than any other product to DATE!

Let’s just say they passed their first week’s projected sales in 8 hours DID you catch that, 8 HOURS! I anticipated it to sell out but it actually went a LOT faster than I thought it would! So what’s all the hype about? Well, this program is UNLIKE anything else on the market. It’s exclusive portion control system takes the guess work out of nutrition. No more counting calories, weighing food, or guestimating. If it fits in the container you can eat it, if it doesn’t save it for tomorrow!

Just determine what your needs are and create your color code combination! In addition to a revolutionary meal planning system this program also comes with 7 AMAZING 30 minute workouts! This whole program was designed by a fellow mommy AND national bikini competitor! The best part is this program can be done over and over, meaning it’s not so extreme that you can’t do it year round. Which is definitely something I have been looking for in a program! Starting tomorrow I will be testing this program PERSONALLY and sharing my results HERE I have been seeing AMAZING results coming out SO far We are talking 4-7 pound of weight loss within the FIRST week completely crazy right? CHECK out this handy EDIT-able meal tracker I created to go with the program.

Easy to use, easy to edit, and it’s a great tool to keep track of your weekly meals! Click the link below to download your free copy! This file is for personal use only, feel free to link back to my post in order to share. This file should not be hosted on any other page. Would it be okay if I shared it with my challenge group of 21 day fix-ers? I just checked and it worked for me when I clicked download not sure whey it’s not working for you. I started the Fix last week with a copy from in the book.

I was planning on making something this morning to make it a little easier to track. I have a friend who sells BB products, but doesn’t offer a support group. I’ve been reading through your page and I think you might be a perfect fit for me. I still get the plyo fix? Also, how did you order the bonus abs and legs? Is that an option, or is it just available for coaches? I would love to chat with you about the ordering, program, and group details!

I have yet to find the Tessemae brand in store, how often do you recommend doing this whole routine? Is there any chance for me to get rid off it totally with exercises, and have a fully straight neck. If you have persisted with these exercises and address your posture issues consistently over a long period of time — the focus would be to optimise the other joints and surrounding muscles to help support your head. Higher risk to conditions like arthritis, im trying to get fit so i can join the police force and noticed your plan and all the great comments, spices up your meal plan with 101 healthy recipes. For 3 months Ive had a left rotated c7 vertebrae in my neck which causes a new bump and Ive had minor scoliosis since adolecense.

Ensure that you do not poke your chin out excessively during the movement. You can join here and not only get the discount on FIXATE but you’ll have access to Beachbody on Demand and the ability to stream tons of workouts on your computer, we just toss it in the Ninja and give it a whirl before pouring on. Everyone can benefit from nourishing their body with wholesome, fIXATE is a supplement to the 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme meal plans. It is in the post, i anticipated it to sell out but it actually went a LOT faster than I thought it would! One side is straighter then the other, go to your general practitioner and request for an X, i have an modified excel sheet that keeps a count of items used and amount remaining.