2010 chevy equinox owners manual pdf

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Vetronix CDR crash data retrieval tool. Typical 2010 chevy equinox owners manual pdf air bag SDM module.

2009 GMC Sierra air bag SDM shown. SDM, EDR, event data recorder and the black box. Chevrolet Equinox air bag SDM module produced 68 pages of crash data. SDM module produced 70 pages of crash data. 2001 Cadillac air bag SDM module. The printed downloaded crash data, CD-ROM of the crash data, GM air bag SDM module.

Most early GM air bag modules will contain 5-15 pages of crash data. 30-50 pages of crash data information. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado produced 174 pages of crash data. Most GM dealers are not aware that the air bag SDM module records crash data. Need a GM air bag SDM module downloaded?

The GM air bag SDM module is removed from the wrecked vehicle and shipped to us. High quality printed and bound printout of the stored air bag crash data. CD-ROM of the stored air bag crash data in PDF format. Return shipping of the airbag deployment crash data printout, CD-ROM, and the original SDM airbag module. The PDF crash data can also be sent by email the same day. I had an car accident, and the air bags did not deploy.

Depending on the year and model, there can be two types of recorded data. Deployment data is permanently written on the eeprom chip inside the airbag SDM module. Non’ deployment information can often be recovered, and display the same last 5 seconds of pre crash vehicle data. Please note: Non deployment data is not permanently stored in the air bag module and can easily be lost by untrained technicians. How fast does my car need to be to deploy the air bags? GM electronic air bag SDMs do not look at vehicle speed to determine an air bag deployment command.